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        • Why buy the Stay Put Umbrella system?

          Stay Put Umbrella's products will not be carried away by the wind or blow over and break while extended horizontally, (level with the horizon) in moderate winds.  Additionally, the 9' umbrella can remain extended horizontally in winds up to 38mph but must be cranked down and tied to the center mast frame whenever winds are above 38mph. The Shademaker and Jardinico umbrella products are designed for commercial as well as residential use and have higher wind ratings.  See each model for their specific wind rating.  All of our anchored umbrellas can withstand winds of hurricane force when cranked down and secured to their frames.

          • Does the size of my umbrella matter?

          The best shade results are experienced by using 8 foot up to 16.5 foot patio or pool umbrellas with an O'bravia, or Sunbrella, sun fade resistant fabric.

          •  How do I figure the arc of the sun to position my umbrella for maximum protection?

            Installing two umbrellas that overlap each other provides the maximum shade protection at a reasonable price.  Please see design concept-"Position" description and video on Stay Put Umbrella tab.

              • Can I move my stand to a different location later? 

                The Mobile Base versions are specifically designed for this purpose.

                  • Is there any maintenance that I need to do to maintain my base?

                    No maintenance is required other than washing with mild soap and water, rinsing, and wiping them clean occasionally.

                      • Do the large cantilever umbrellas come with mobile bases?
                        The Jardinico models do come with a wheel type base.
                          • What is the most wind velocity the umbrellas can endure?

                            The tilt features of the umbrellas we sell allow shade from the sun during sunrise and sunset depending on the location of your umbrella.  However when tilted, a large surface area is exposed to the maximum force of the wind.  When the wind speed is above 15-20 mph you should remove the tilt and place the canopy level with the horizon to prevent damage.  Crank all umbrellas down when wind speeds are above their designed limits.  Crank the 8'and 9' center mount  umbrellas down whenever wind speed reaches 38 mph.

                            Whenever a heavy wind advisory or strong storm advisory is posted always remove the tilt and crank all of the Stay Put Umbrellas down to their frames and secure them.  During the monsoon season always crank all umbrella models down and secure to their masts every night.   The possibility for strong winds exists due to the drop in temperature from the high daytime to the relative cool nighttime this change of 30 degrees or so can trigger strong wind. 

                            • What kind of paint is used on your products and do they need to be repainted

                            All of our umbrellas and  bases are powder coated for long-lasting reliability. 

                              • Why does the 9'' umbrella need a steel brace?

                               The bottom umbrella pole is reinforced with a steel tube up into the tilt mechanism for additional strength.  A "Tilt Brace" is placed around the tilt mechanism to spread the stress and protect the tilt mechanism from breaking.  The upper umbrella pole incorporates an inner aluminum tube which runs from the tilt mechanism to the tilt joint at the upper end of the pole.  Double wind vents on the umbrella canopy relieve the pressure the wind places on the umbrella.