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      Stay Put Umbrellas incorporates a three step system for Positioning, Securing, and Protecting patio and pool umbrellas.

      Gusty winds won't blow them into swimming pools, onto patio furniture, or onto people sitting nearby.

      Treasure Garden Libra 8' and 9' and the reinforced Collar Tilt 9' center mount umbrellas can remain extended in the horizontal position in high winds up to 38mph creating an inviting ambiance for your pool and patio.  The Treasure Garden, Shademaker and Jardinico cantilever models can be rotated 360 degrees to provide multiple "gazebo" shade areas in moderate winds up to 38mph (See the Umbrella Installation tab on the home page).

      The Problem with traditional center mount and cantilever umbrella systems:

      The wind acts in full force on the underside of a toppled umbrella, pulling it out of  its "blown over" umbrella base and breaking it or blowing it away.  Replacing damaged or broken cantilever umbrellas is also expensive. Stay Put Umbrellas is your solution to this problem.  Our bases and our cantilever frame mountings prevent our umbrellas from blowing over or blowing away in strong winds.

      Design System

      1. POSITION (see video below)

      Your umbrella will be placed along a line based on the sun’s path from summer sunrise solstice, to winter sunset solstice, (060 degrees to 240 degrees on the magnetic compass).  When two 9' patio or pool umbrellas are positioned on this line and spaced 9' apart, so they overlap each other, shade can be provided to an area of approximately 18' for year-round protection.  Once the umbrella is positioned at the correct location, simply tilt the umbrella toward the sun and rotate the pole approximately 10 degrees each month following the sun's path.  The sun travels approximately 60 degrees from summer solstice to winter solstice then proceeds back toward summer solstice once again.  For sunrise it travels from summer 060 degrees to winter 120 degrees, and for sunset it travels from summer 300 degrees to winter 240 degrees.



      2. SECURE 

      Two different secure bases are provided for the 8,' 9,' and 10' center mount umbrella models.

      • Anchored base

      Select the "Umbrella Installation tab", on the Home page to view cantilever mount kits. 

      Anchored Base

      The anchored base utilizes either a ground mount kit or a concrete mount kit to secure the umbrella onto the surface.  Our contractor crews are experts at securing these anchors into any surface.  Once  the anchors are secured, the umbrella stand is bolted to the anchor and the umbrella inserted into the stand and tightened by the friction handle to prevent the umbrellas from blowing out of the stand.  When the wind speed reaches 25 mph, (defined as a fresh breeze observed by noticing tree branches and palm branches constantly moving back and forth in the wind) remove the tilt on the 9' Collar Tilt umbrella.  Crank the umbrella down and secure it to the frame when the wind reaches 38mph, (observed by dust obscuring the sky or the umbrella rocking back and forth in the base.)

      Anchored Base



        3. PROTECT

      All our umbrellas are protected from being toppled over in moderate windy conditions due to their strong construction, steel re-enforced features, and our umbrella base securing systems.  When the umbrellas are closed to their frames and secured by Velcro belts or umbrella ties, they will withstand high winds caused by storms and gust fronts.

      All umbrella canopies and frames can be covered with protective canvas covers which extend the life of the canopies and are available for re-purchase thru Stay Put Umbrellas.

       Common sense and diligence is required to make sure the wind velocities described with each product is followed.  Whenever strong wind advisories or storm advisories are posted always remove any tilt on our umbrellas, crank them down to the frame,  and secure them as mentioned above.